ECMA 262 Technical Meeting

March 20th, 1998

Microsoft Building 28


Andrew Clinick (Microsoft)
Chris Weight (Microsoft)
Clayton Lewis (Netscape)
Herman Venter (Microsoft)
Mike McCabe(Netscape)
Mike Ksar (HP)
Mike Cowlishaw (IBM)
Norris Boyd(Netscape)
Rok Yu (Microsoft)
Waldemar Horwat (Netscape)

Document formats and storage:

The current ftp sites are proving difficult to use and manage, impacting the effectiveness of the group. To address this issue the following action items were agreed:

    • IBM will set up an ftp site
    • Microsoft to provide word97 for Netscape
    • doc will goto word97 format

NSCP will look into separating proposals from the doc or to at least make it clear which is a new proposal. All new proposals should be as separate docs to avoid any confusion between existing agreed on specifications and new proposals.

Date and place for next meeting

10:00 til 4:00 May 15th @ Netscape

June 15/16th meeting will remain at Sun

V1 comments

Deadine for comments to Mike and Jan is April 2nd

Conformance could be an issue since ISO will require international standards. This needs to be sorted out for June ISO submission.

Unicode is OK, as is UCS-2.

Martin Duesrt comments

%U recommend that people who need to communicate between different specs then they need to write a translation layer

Clayton will write up the groups response to the comment and get it to Karl for inclusion in all the comments

V2 proposals


Label Break

The group went through all the proposed changes for V2 in particular the following sections:

5.2 agreed

8.9 agreed

12 - agreed

12.1 there a number of bugs which need to be fixed

12.2 essential function agreed

12.3 agreed

12.4 subject to 5.2 agreed

12.5 agreed

12.6 based on V2 spec so has do while agreed

12.7 agreed if the semantics are different from java then will change to that

12.8 agreed if the semantics are different from java then will change to that

12.9 agreed

12.10 Based on V1 spec so discussion required

12.11 agreed

12.12 agreed

12.13 throw agreed

12.14 try requires discussion

14 agreed

15.1.2 requires discussion


Mike Ksar to provide text for unicode information

%u can be accomodated by encode/decode


Andrew Clinick to follow up with dave raggett( to get more info.   Initial feedback is negative


Rok proposed uneval as an alternative to sharp variables

Notetaker: Andrew Clinick