Jan 19 meeting notes

Waldemar Horwat
Wed Jan 19 17:23:52 PST 2011

Here are my rough notes for today's meeting.


Internationalization standard:  Part of E262 or separate track?  Pros
and cons to each one, and either would be workable.  There is a
substantial area of interaction (ES5 locale methods, normalization,
and such) between them that will need to be addressed regardless of
which approach we take.

Lunch discussion over whether we want all locale-specific behavior
(examples: date formatting) to be implementation-defined or whether
we'd want to specify it for at least the major locales.  Having
everything implementation-defined makes testing a hassle and will
result in different behavior on different platforms/browsers (as is
happening today).  On the other hand, specifying the results for a lot
of locales is a lot of work.

Waldemar:  Either would work.  Personal preference is to make it part
of E262 if it's small (in terms of number of pages of standard) or
make it separate if it's large.

Agreed not to fast-track internationalization library (if it's a
separate standard) for now.  It's going to be evolving too quickly.

Allen:  Update on ISO fast track and ES5.1.  Applause.

TC39 requested a vote on ES5.1 at the upcoming summer GA.

Allen:  There's a significant community of users who are used to the
classical patterns of encapsulation (rather than using closures for
all encapsulation).

Waldemar and Dave:  Important to be able to late-bind design decisions
and change them easily.  This means that a programmer should be able
to relatively easily take code that uses a public object property and
refactor the code to make it private (or vice versa) without having to
restructure the code.

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