ECMA TC39 Working Group - Futures list 10/98

These lists are updated from the notes of the 1998.02.19 meeting, which in turn were updated from the lists of the 1997.10.10 meeting; with new items from more recent input.

New (since 1998.02) items

  closures and nested functions
  Internationalization [I18N]
  decimal arithmetic
  Java interoperability

Provisionally agreed items for Version 2

  caller (omitted from V1)
  conditional compilation/includes
  literal notation
  function closures (expression, nesting)
  reveal __parent__ , __photo__
  arguments object
  exception handling
  toSource (people want a way to make objects persistent)

Other items in consideration for Version 2

  binary object
  Date (as presented by Borland in 1997)
  generic sequence operations on a string or an array
  threading issues
  undefined literal, not reserved
  parse {int, float} step point result
  toString extensions
  date to string
  toBoolean (object)
  meta object protocol (MOP)
  package concept

Items from the original lists which are already in the status document

  do while
  break to label
  continue to label
  === operator (strict equality)