From:     Karl.Matzke@Eng.Sun.COM
To:       e-tc39@ECMA.CH
Subject:  Agenda for the June 15-16 TC- 39 meeting

Agenda for the June 1998 meeting of TC-39
Menlo Park, CA, USA

Date:     15th - 16th June 1998

Place:    17 Network Circle
          Menlo Park, CA
          U S A
          Phone:    +1 650 786.31.60
          Fax:      +1 415 786.57.34

The June meeting will consist of three separate meetings:

     DIS 16262 Ballot Resolution Meeting  -- Joint meeting of ISO/IEC and TC-39

          Beginning 9:00 a.m. on the 15th June 1998
          Agenda provided by SC22

     TC-39 Working Group Meeting

          To begin on the afternoon of 15th June 1998 -- at conclusion of ISO
          Agenda provided by the TC-39 Project Editor

     TC-39 Meeting
          Beginning 9:00 a.m. on the 16th June 1998
          Agenda follows

Agenda for the June 98 TC-39 Meeting

Time:     09.00 on 16th June 1998

1.   Welcome and introductions

2.   Review and adoption of the agenda

3.   Review and approval of the minutes of the 6th meeting

4.   Matters arising from the minutes not covered elsewhere

5.   Reports
     5.1    GA
     5.2    Fast-track of DIS 16262
     5.2.1  Comments on ISO meeting, if any

6.   Planning and preparation of 2nd Edition of ECMA-262
     6.1  Working group report
     6.2  Preparation of draft 2nd Edition
     6.3  Actions to be taken
     6.4  Approval of draft 2nd Edition
     6.5  Validation Issues

7.   Planning and preparation of 2nd Version of ECMA-262
     7.1  WG report
     7.2  Preparation of 2nd draft

8.   Any other business

8.   Date and place of next meeting(s)