ECMA Meeting 4/29/1999




ISO published the ISO 16262 in December yet we didn’t know!

Clayton set up the mailing lists

Tom Green will be representing the WAP folks from now on.  He works for Lotus and was invited to this meeting

The next meeting at Microsoft on May 20th/21st.  AC to send out details of where/when etc.


Agenda:  List of open items and any edition 4


10:30 – 5:00 first day

9:30 – 5:00 second day


NSCP to host June meeting


11.1.5, 11.1.6 Array and Object initializers

MM couldn’t find information this time.  We will discuss this at the next meeting

7.4,7.7.5 et al

WH didn’t have any work for this so we will defer to the May meeting

Array function

Much discussion over whether the array functions should walk up the prototype chain.

WH suggested making the behavior undefined allowing each of the implementation to keep their existing behavior.  MC suggested coming up with a standard mechanism for behavior.


DR & MM will go away and discuss what the code impact would be with the complex scenarios.  Deadline will be May 7th for posting a proposal

URIEncode and URIDecode


Should it be lower case since all other methods start in lower case?  The name was changed to encodeURI and decodeURI to reflect this.


DR will write this up and send it off to martin duerst and the group to review the content.  DR will send this by May 14th.


I18N subgroup proposals


The locale object parameter was removed from the standard since the internationalization library wouldn’t exist for ECMAScript 2.  It was suggested that a non normative note be added specifying that the optional final parameter could become significant in the future


All dependencies on the internationalization library were removed since the library doesn’t exist yet


Section 2


Changed to meet Mike Ksar’s comments at last meeting.  The paragraph will be sent to Mike Ksar for final approval.


Section 3


Took out the URL’s to the Unicode website

Took out Unicode character map since it’s already part of the Unicode standard

BG will check to see if “Unicode character” is used in the ECMA spec.  Changes to the paragraph to clarify the meaning of “Unicode character”


Instead of Unicode value in the tables it was proposed to be Codepoint value.


Section 7.5


Copied information from the Unicode standard rather than relying on a link to the Unicode standard


Mixing BI-DI chars in identifiers will be difficult given the existing wording of the standard.  It was agreed that this was an agreeable course of action given the difficulty of implementation.


Section 8


General agreement to use elements rather than characters in the text.



Section 11


Content agreed


Section 15


Object.toLocaleString removed the argument




Passes through the first parameter rather than all the parameters




Trying to get rid of the locale parameter throughout the text.




Discussion over behavior.  It was agreed that there should be no locale specific behavior for toLowerCase. 




Need to remove the locale parameter from the doc


HV suggested that rather having a locale parameter that toLocaleUpperCase and toLocaleLowerCase be added.  It was agreed that this made sense and should be added to the standard




remove the locale parameter from number.toLocaleString


Change all references to System Locale to be Host Environment Locale to cope with the hosting environments locale that is passed into the language


All the changes other than the 2 new methods are moved to content agreed


Unicode in Identifiers


Covered by new draft


Locale sensitive sorting


SR proposed that case (or ignorecase) be an argument so that it could just return 1,0 or –1

It was agreed that this method should be added to the ECMAScript 2 standard.  The spec will be updated for May 7th for review


Date/Time formatting


RG will write up a proposal including toLocaleDateString, toLocaleTimeString, toTimeString, toDateString.  Will provide a version for May meeting


Unicode in regular expressions

Will provide write up for May meeting



MM will update the exceptions document for the May meeting


Completion codes – deleted from the work items since nobody could remember what the work item was for J