Internationalization ad-hoc meeting notes

Nebojša Ćirić
Mon Dec 17 15:32:16 PST 2012
*12/14/2012 at Google Inc

Meeting of Internationalization ad-hoc group

Attendees: Norbert (Mozilla), Mark Davis (Google, Unicode), Richard
(Amazon), Suresh (Microsoft), Eric (Microsoft), Nebojsa (Google)

Go through,
presentation.pdf document and clarify what goes into v2.0 API and discuss
each feature.

Names in () are to write strawman document in Globalization namespace in es

Normalization (Norbert)
- Add String.prototype.normalize to ES6 spec
- It has one parameter which is the type of normalization - NFC, NFD, NFKC,
- NFKCCF - Normalization + case fold, ignores ignorable characters
- CF is simple case fold, locale independent

Case conversion (Norbert)
- toLowerCase/toUpperCase would change in ES6 spec
- There are lower, upper (support full, simple is already supported in JS),
title and case fold casings
- All except case fold are locale specific
- Sentence casing has 31 character exceptions (title casing) - propose a
warning in the spec
- Case folding for sure, say CSS use - but it would be locale independent,
which is a problem wih Turkish variant and some others - add it to
- update toLowerCase/toUppercase, put a warrning in the spec about title
case, and implement case folding in normalize method

Character properties (Norbert)
- RegExp needs a proposal - investigation in progress by Luke Hoben on how
RE works in browsers
- Throw exceptions on unknown \Unicode chars if /u is present in RegExp
- Which properties to support and what syntax to use - probably Unicode
level 1+ regex specification
- Luke and Norbert have to finish investigation before we can proceed
- Unicode level 1 required, level 2 is optional but we may merge some
things from levels

MessageFormat (cira)
- Template string is hard to implement without tooling
- Have separate proposal
- Provide samples for plural, select/gender
- Change existing Shanjian’s proposal, eliminate positional placeholders {0}
- Sample date, number, people - code that formats date, number and

Date time format (Mark - duration)
- relative dates, intervals, duration - some requests came in asking for
- give people raw materials?
- or try guessing what to use?
- Duration may be low effort high impact (long, short - countdown)
- Add more formats to accepted date formats:
 - weekday, month, day (willing to add)
 - minute, second (we need a good use case for this one - better handled
with duration)
 - eras are missing (not able to support those for now - probably not - low
priority for MS)
- Timezone support is mandatory
- how to specify generic/specific names for timezones - open issue whether
to allow people to specify the request

Date picker API
- HTML input element (for date picker) may solve this, but if it gets
removed from the spec we could do it
- Is anybody using non Gregorian picker?

Segmentation (Rich)
- Use cases - offline indexing, editor controls, text highlighting
- Open source code ahead!! -

Display names (Jungshik)
- if we have time
- Microsoft can support whatever is present in the installed/current
language pack + English
- Useful for list of countries, languages...
- Don’t offer it or offer as a best effort - open issue

Number parsing (Cira)
- with delimiters
- but no currency, percent...

Alphabetic index (Mark)
- not a trivial amount data so better to have browser support

Script reordering (Norbert)
- Needs a list of scripts to order
- new extension to the locale id and option to the collator

Pseudo-numbering systems (Norbert)
- financial numbering systems should be resolved with actual system*

Nebojša Ćirić

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