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ECMAScript Archives

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This is a collection, organized by year, of documents that record the activities of Ecma TC39 as it initially created and evolved the ECMAScript Language Specification and related standards. It includes meeting records (both formal and informal), presentation decks, proposals, draft documents, and many other artifacts. The collection draws from both the internal Ecma International archives and various other sources. The collection covers the period 1996–2015. Additional years may be added in the future. This collection was initially organized and curated by Allen Wirfs‑Brock.

Organization of the Collection

Documents for each year are accessible from a webpage for that year. A set of common categories are used to group documents:

  • Ecma General Assembly Documents These are documents related to the organization, management, membership, and policies of Ecma International relating to TC39. Only documents that are relevant to TC39 and the development of ECMAScript are included and in some cases only TC39 relevant excerpts are provided.
  • TC39 Documents These are documents that were archived by Ecma with official TC39 identification numbers. Typically these include formal meeting agendas and minutes, formal technical contributions by member organizations, some presentation decks and proposals, and documents relating to the processes and management of TC39.
  • TC39-TG1 Documents From 2000–2007, ECMAScript responsibilities were assigned to TC39-TG1 (Technical Committee 39, Task Group 1). This category is similar to the TC39 Documents category.
  • TC39 Working Group Documents In 1998–2000, much of the technical work of TC39 was performed in informal working groups. The documents were often not captured as formal TC39 documents in the Ecma archives but most have been recovered from external sources.
  • Other Documents These are documents that were not assigned identifiers and hence were not captured in the official Ecma archives. This category includes many kinds of documents such as informal meeting notes, presentations, proposals and other member contributions, and working documents used by TC39 members in the course of developing ECMAScript-related specifications.

Note that many documents have assigned document identifiers by Ecma in more than one of the official Ecma categories. In most cases, this archive only lists the document in the category of its originating Ecma organizational unit.

Other Archives

Other web sites hosting ECMAScript archival material include: