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2007 ECMAScript Archives

Ecma General Assembly Documents

Ecma/GA/2007/088Minutes of the CC meeting, Geneva, May 2007 (excerpts)
Ecma/GA/2007/195Application of Google for ordinary membership
Ecma/GA/2007/202Minutes of the CC meeting, Geneva, October 2007 (excerpts)
Ecma/GA/2007/226Restructuration of Ecma TCs (same asEcma/TC39/2006/13)
Ecma/GA/2007/243Minutes of the 94th General Assembly, Nice, December 2007 (excerpts)

TC39 Documents

Excludes documents exclusively related to languages other than ECMAScript.

Ecma/TC39/2006/2TC39 Chairman's Report to the CC, May 2007
Ecma/TC39/2006/4Ecma Liaison Report to JTC 1/SC 22
Ecma/TC39/2006/10TC39 Chairman's Report to the CC, October 2007
Ecma/TC39/2006/12Minutes of the TC39-TG1 meeting, San Francisco, 8-9 November 2007 (same as TC39‑TG1/2007/041)
Ecma/TC39/2006/13Restructuration of Ecma TCs

TC39-TG1 Documents

TC39‑TG1/2007/001 TG1 Convener's Report to TC39, Geneva, September 2007
TC39‑TG1/2007/002Zip file containing the .doc files for TG1 meeting notes from 9 January until 23 October 2007
TC39‑TG1/2007/003Invitation and venue for the next TC39-TG1 meeting, San Francisco, November 2007
TC39‑TG1/2007/004Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 09 January 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/005Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 16 January 2007 phone conference/tr>
TC39‑TG1/2007/006Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 24 January 2007 meeting - Mountain View, CA (Mozilla)
TC39‑TG1/2007/007Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 06 February 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/008Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 13 February 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/009Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 21 February 2007 meeting - San Francisco, CA (Adobe)
TC39‑TG1/2007/010Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 27 February 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/011Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 06 March 2007 phone conference>
TC39‑TG1/2007/012Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 13 March 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/013Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 21 March 2007 meeting - Redmond, WA (Microsoft)
TC39‑TG1/2007/014Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 27 March 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/015Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 03 April 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/016Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 10 April 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/017Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 18 April 2007 meeting - Newton, MA (Adobe)
TC39‑TG1/2007/018Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 24 April 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/019Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 08 May 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/020Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 15 May 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/021Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 23 May 2007 meeting - Oslo, Norway (Opera)
TC39‑TG1/2007/022Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 29 May 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/023Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 05 June 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/024Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 12 June 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/025Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 21 June 2007 meeting - Mountain View, CA (Mozilla)
TC39‑TG1/2007/026Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 26 June 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/027Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 19 July 2007 meeting - Sunnyvale, CA (Yahoo!)
TC39‑TG1/2007/028Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 24 July 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/029Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 31 July 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/030Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 16 August 2007 meeting - San Francisco, CA (Adobe)
TC39‑TG1/2007/031Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 21 August 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/032Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 28 August 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/033Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 04 September 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/034Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 11 September 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/035Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 18 September 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/036Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 27 September 2007 meeting - Mountain View, CA (Mozilla)
TC39‑TG1/2007/037Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 09 October 2007, phone conferencer>
TC39‑TG1/2007/038Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 16 October 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/039Minutes of the TC39-TG1, 23 October 2007 phone conference
TC39‑TG1/2007/040Minutes of the TC39-TG1 teleconference of 30 October 2007
TC39‑TG1/2007/041Minutes of the TC39-TG1 meeting, San Francisco, 8-9 November 2007
TC39‑TG1/2007/042Microsoft position statement to TC39-TG1 regarding the evolution of ECMAScript
TC39‑TG1/2007/043Minutes of the TC39-TG1 teleconference of 13 November 2007
TC39‑TG1/2007/044ECMAScript 4th Edition - Project Editor's Report
TC39‑TG1/2007/045Tutorial on evolutionary programming and gradual typing in ECMAScript 4
TC39‑TG1/2007/046Report on compatibility between ECMAScript 3 and proposed ECMAScript 4
TC39‑TG1/2007/047Minutes of the TC39-TG1 teleconference of 27 November 2007
TC39‑TG1/2007/048Minutes of the TC39-TG1 teleconference of 4 December 2007
TC39‑TG1/2007/049Minutes of the TC39-TG1 teleconference of 18 December 2007

Many of the above TG1 meeting minutes contain broken links to material that was hosted on the TC39-TG1 wiki. The minutes were also stored (and possibly redacted) on the wiki and are accessible from an snapshot of the wiki. Many of the broken links will work when accessed from the wiki snapshot.

Other Documents

ES4 Related

LtU ES4 ImplDave Herman's June 8, 2007 announcement of ECMAScript Edition 4 Reference Implementation (
overview.pdfProposed ECMAScript 4th Edition - Language Overview, Oct. 27, 2007

For the first three quarters of 2007, TC39-TG1 continued to use a private wiki. In September 2007 the wiki was made public as The final 2007 snapshot was acquired December 28.

The "ECMAScript Edition 4 discussion list" (es4-discuss) was used through 2007 and archives public discussions . It archives public discussions of ES4 proposals. Note that in 2008, es4-discuss was renamed to es-discuss.

Starting in 2006 TC39-TG1 used the Trac bug tracking system hosted at to track ES4 development issues. Some of the issues are accessible from as is a report listing the status of 409 open and closed issues. (

ES3.1 Related

Browser ProfilePratap Lakshman's Browser Profile Proposal Feb. 21, 2007 and follwup discussion. (
es4minimalist...pdfES4 Minimalist Proposal - Draft, Pratap Lakshman March 1, 2007
es3.1:discussionBrendan Eich's response to Pratap Lakshman's Browser Profile Proposal. March 3, 2007 (internet archive)
proposal...refocus...pdfProposal to Refocus TC39-TG1 On the Maintenance of the ECMAScript, 3rd Edition Specification, March 16, 2007
ES3.1 ProposalES3.1 proposal working draft, April 15, 2007 (
jscriptcon…comp…pdfJScript Conditional Compilation, Lakshman June 20, 2007
8‑16‑07...notes.pdfNotes from August 16-17 meeting with Doug Crockford and Allen Wirfs-Brock
es3...loopholes.pdfImplementation Loopholes In ECMAScript 3rd Edition, August 16-17, 2007. With Lars Hansen's annotations.
moz...extensions.pdfMozilla Extensions to ECMAScript 3rd Edition, August 2007
jscriptdev...pdfJScript Deviations from ES3, Lakshman Sept 24, 2007